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Marin Procureur - FullStack Developer

Paris - France

22yo - Languages : French (native), English (fluent)

Contact : or marin.procureur[at]

About me

I am a Full Stack Developer with approximatly 3 years of experience. I particularly enjoy discovering, resolve complex issues and share what I know. My competencies vary from web development (HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MariaDB, MongoDB, Apache), Software Development (Go, Rust, C++, Python), algorithmic, conception and application design. Moreover, I am currently freelance until April 2017.

I have worked on development projects for a Software Company, accompany clients in software implementation, lead complete websites projects as a freelance developer, and coconstructed a educational program.

I wish today to be part of an innovative human-sized company or a startup having an ambitious project.


Supinfo International University (2017). M.Sc.S in Computer Sciences.

Scientific Baccalauréat with honors (2012).


During my previous professional experiences I have gathered competencies in :

  • Programming concepts (control structures, functions, OOP, algorithms, patterns, separation of concerns, TDD, memory management, MVC) - (3 years)
  • JavaScript (+ grunt & gulp, Jasmine) / HTML5 / CSS3 (SASS) - (3 years)
  • Application Design and conception - (2 years)
  • Linux, Emacs, and git ! - (2 years)
  • Network (CCNA 1 level), Virtualization (problematics associated : ByoD, security, App publishing, VDI), System Administration (Apache, MySQL) - (1 year)

Moreover I also have bases and additional notions on various subjects like :

  • AngularJS / ReactJS / NodeJS
  • C / C++ (projects done : ChopLifter clone + Search Engine).
  • Go (project done : website to transcode videos), Rust, PHP, Ruby & Ruby on Rails,Python 2 (& 3), lisp.
  • DataBases (and their differencies).


enioka -

08/2014 - 10/2016

enioka is a company that help manage IS complexity with personalised consulting and if needed its modeling tool - Paris, France.

2014 / 2016 : Consultant and Web developer
  • Frontend vanilla JavaScript development on a modeling tool (the 'modeler'). No framework except use of inheritance.js, go.js, jQuery and jQuery plugins when needed.
  • Deployment and maintenance of the modeler at different client places (small, medium and big companies in various areas : Advertising, Logistics, Large Retailers, Telephone Operators).
  • Map several informations systems on four plans (functionnal, applicative, infrastructure, and process) and modelisation in the modeler.
  • Specific development for several clients (including special maping, special views and update of modeler core). Example : Development of a specific view to represent data through a two dimensional array (showing relations and elements hierarchy).
  • Part of the modeler team creating a road map for the modeler web application.
  • Design enhancement of the modeler core (notification system, participation scheme, annotations, versionning system).
List2 Html

_blank - Belleville citoyenne

11/2015 - Today

_blank is a project of the association Belleville Citoyenne. It is a free web development school based in Belleville, Paris.

2015/2017 : Co-Director of Studies
  • Definition of the educational project, project elaboration, defintions of logistical elements, involvment in financing campaigns (exhibitions, partnerships, subsidies).
  • All content created are available here :
  • Teaching to apprentices taken out from regular school (mondays and tuesdays from 1pm to 9pm).
  • Writing of classes about web essentials (HTML,CSS,Javascript,PHP,SQL).
  • Planning and rigour regarding the educational content and technologies to deploy classes (moodle, github, reveal.js).
  • Besides we have been recognized as a 'Grand École du Numérique' by the french administration.

Today, we have a scholling of 520h on 6 months, with classes every monday and tuesday from 1pm to 9pm and every friday from 10am to 8pm to learn web development.

Servier -

07/2013 - 10/2013

Servier is the first french independant pharmaceutical group. It has presence in 140 countries and more than 21k associates in the world - Paris, France.

FrontEnd Developer
  • Development of a JavaScript web based mobile application with persistent storage. This application is used to render data charts with d3.js taking data different data sources and generating charts on the fly.
  • Technological surveillance on chart javascript libraries.

Docteur Souris -

02/2013 - 06/2013

It is an Association which wants to offer acces to a computer and a network to every child hospitalised.

Area Manager (Hôpital Necker & CHU Bicêtre)
  • Recovery and recommissioning of PCs used by companies.
  • Support, and securing of Windows PCs.
  • Deployment of an Open Wifi in two hospitals.



More projects ?

Library handling jobs and worker (job pool) and interface allowing a website backend to use ffmpeg through a CGI :,

Additional realisations

During my studies I have been a part of the PR section of my school, at first as a member and then as the manager of the Parisian Campus. This included the organisation and the management of Open Days and Exhibitions (team management, planning, thoughts and choosing of dates).

I have also helped during my studies and during _blank to organize events (like the Redbull Student Kumite) and conferences on several themes (Video Gaes, Development, Data Modeling, Client / Server Interface).

During my freelance years I have made complete websites for clients (FrontEnd, BackEnd, Design, Hosting).

Through my school projects I developped my knowledge in separation of concerns, and website or application conception.

My main traits ?

Motivated, always learning, discovering, autonomous, I like to think before doing things, and I need to be in a environment that suits me to be effective.

Some of my code ?

If you want samples of my code, you can check my github : or mail me.

My hobbies

I play guitar and I play guitar, and sometimes I start a new project ! Oh well and I'm a gamer (ex WoW, ex SC2, and now Overwatch).